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5 Reasons to Tell Your Financial Institution Your Travel Plans
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Posted February 28, 2017
Spring break season is almost here! While figuring out your travel itinerary and what to pack is important, you also need to tell your financial institution about your travel plans. It might not seem like a big deal, but your trip will go smoother if you do. If you don’t let your financial institution know you are traveling, they may freeze your cards or decline certain purchases due to suspected fraud. Here are some ways adding travel notes to your account can improve your trip:
1. You will avoid missing out.
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During your vacation, there will probably be some local attractions you want to check out. It would be really disappointing to miss an activity all your friends are doing because your debit or credit card was declined. Don’t get stuck on the sidelines!
2. There will be less hassle.
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If your card is frozen, many financial institutions will require you to call to confirm the charges. That takes time out of your day – and away from having fun. If you are traveling internationally, it might be difficult to call, and you may have to pay international fees.
3. You won’t need to borrow.
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If you can’t use your debit or credit card, you might need to borrow money from your friends. Depending on their financial situations, they may be tight on cash. Borrowing money can put a strain on those relationships.
4. It will prevent an awkward situation.
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It’s never fun to have your card declined, especially when it leads to an uncomfortable situation. Imagine not being able to pay your bill at the end of a meal and having to work out payment arrangements with the restaurant! That could really put a damper on the trip.
5. You will be prepared for the worst.
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Most important, you want to make sure your card works in case of an emergency. You should hope for the best, but plan for the worst. Your card needs to work if you have a medical emergency or need gas to get home. Additionally, be sure to tell your financial institution about any other locations you are passing through, in case you stop somewhere on the way. Listing all of the states or countries you will be traveling through will help prevent your card from being frozen due to suspected fraud. If you have another account, it is also smart to bring a backup card, just in case. If something unexpected happens, you’ll be prepared!
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