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New Podcast Episode: Mental Health is Health
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Amanda (She/Her)
Certified Credit Union Financial Counselor
Posted June 8, 2022
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The Wallet Watch podcast has released its sixth and last episode of season 7, “Mental Health is Health,” where hosts Amanda and Jessica interview Angela Orta, LMSW, founder of The Illuminated Mind, PLLC.

Just like we check our account balances every day to maintain strong financial habits, checking in with our mental health more often can contribute to our overall health. Angela helps us break down mental health misconceptions and helps us understand ways we can treat our mental health like fitness.
Featured Quotes:
“I view mental health as mental and emotional fitness. There seems to be a lot of stigma attached with mental health and we usually correlate that with mental illness. So there is a lot of debunking, we read things about it, we see it in T.V. and movies, but it never really looks like that. There are plenty of functional people who have mental health issues on a wide spectrum of things. So I really find it very important to talk about it as much as possible.” –Angela Orta

“Mental health isn’t something you do just when you have time or once a week with a therapist, it’s something that you should be doing every day.” –Angela Orta
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