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The Benefit of Internships
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Josh (He/Him)
Financial Education Intern
Posted February 10, 2022
An internship is an experience that every student or anyone that is curious about a career should have. Internships play a huge role in setting up future plans and meeting goals that you have for yourself. If you haven’t considered getting an internship, here is why you should.
Interning allows you to network in the workplace. There is an opportunity to gain beneficial relationships with people you might not have met. Networking helps build an individual’s confidence and helps you grow as a professional. There are many opportunities and lifelong connections that can be awarded to you through networking. This is an important life skill that every individual should consistently develop.
Explore and expand interests
Interning is a great way to explore your interests and also create new interests for your career. Working in your preferred career area can help guide you to where you might be most productive. Interning can help you determine if a particular career isn’t for you, which could help you save time and money down the line by allowing you to switch your major if needed. This is the opportunity where you can test out different careers until you find your perfect match.
Gain valuable experience
More opportunities may arise while interning that you might not have been aware of, and you might find other potential internships that are tailored more to your skillset.  Internships also look great on your resume. Having internship experience on your resume will allow the next employer to see that you have previous experience, you’re prepared, you’re invested in your future, and it gives you a greater chance of being considered for the job.

Interning is like a free trial, once the free trial is over you can either move on elsewhere, if you don’t like it, or you can “renew your subscription.”
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