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Using the Same Password for Every Account: Helpful or Harmful?
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Jessica (She/Her)
Financial Educator
Posted October 28, 2021
Creating a new username and password for every account with a login can feel daunting at times. The simplicity of having one username and password sounds great to us as consumers; however, does that leave us more susceptible to scammers and hackers?

According to the Federal Trade Commission, the short answer is yes. Using the same username and password for multiple accounts can make it easier for fraudsters to potentially gain access to your accounts. If a scammer can crack one login, they will put that username and password into a dark web database in hopes of gaining access to more secured sites, like your financial institution. It is recommended that you use a different username and password for each account. By doing so, it eliminates your risk of a hacker accessing all of your accounts.
How to create a strong password
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To create strong passwords, use at least twelve characters and consider using a combination of random words that include numbers and special characters. For example: Monopoly8Red$Family. This password contains letters, numbers, special characters, and it is over twelve characters long. This type of password is much harder for a fraudster to access.
How to manage passwords
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So now that we know how to keep our personal information safe and secure, let’s discuss the best ways to manage and store all of your usernames and passwords. One option is a password manager, which is a computer program that allows users to store, generate, and manage their passwords in one location. Another great option would be a password-protected Microsoft Excel workbook. Personally, the Excel document is my favorite. I store all of my usernames and passwords for every account in one locked document and I only have to remember one password to unlock it. It makes remembering all of my login information much easier.
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