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Creating a To-Do List to Get Things Done
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Jessica (She/Her)
Financial Educator
Posted October 27, 2020
Becoming an adult is often accompanied with feelings of increased responsibility and longer lists of tasks to be completed. Do you feel behind or like your to-do list is never ending? I want to share some ideas with you on how to create a successful to-do list that will help you end each day feeling accomplished.
Create a master list and a daily list.
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Your master list can be things that you want to accomplish for the week or even the month. A master list can help you get every project or goal onto one piece of paper. Then, create and write in a deadline for each of the goals and projects you want to accomplish.  Make sure you are being reasonable with your deadlines. Creating unrealistic deadlines can hinder you from crushing your to-do list. Once you’ve got this full list, break the items down into smaller pieces to develop your daily lists.
Write your to-do list the night before.
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As your current work day comes to an end, jump over to your master task list and prioritize a few items that you need to start working on the next day. Then, create your new daily to-do list. This will allow you start your next day with clear plan.
Keep it simple.
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Start your daily to-do list with only adding a few things that absolutely have to be accomplished. Adding deadlines to these items can also help you prioritize the order for things that need to be completed. If you find yourself having a list that is a mile long, pick the top three things that you know you can accomplish for the day and move the rest to your list for the next day.
Highest priority to lowest.
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Try starting the day with working on the highest priority action items. This will help you complete the task early in the day and create a sense of accomplishment. It can also make the rest of the day feel easier and may motivate you to complete more items as the day goes on.
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