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'Stock Market'ing Done Right
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Posted July 18, 2019
A stock is a small fraction of a company that you can invest in, in hopes that the company grows. If you’re new to the stock market, here are some tips to set yourself up for success.
Do your research
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Nobody can completely predict the stock market, but some get really close. Stock analysts spend a lot of time watching the stock market and make educated guesses on which stocks are growing, staying the same, or dropping. Doing your research about a stock and what analysts say about it is a good choice before investing. You should also look at the history of stocks, to see any growth or declining recently. Another source to check before investing in a company is the news. Check if anything significant has happened recently and how that will impact a company. There are also a lot of books out there about the stock market that can help expand your knowledge.
Know the risk
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Investing in a stock is a gamble. If something goes bad and stocks drop, there is no guarantee of it going back up or getting your money back. People have made millions from stocks but people have also lost millions. Be conscious of the fact that investing in a stock is not like having a savings account. Though both can have dividends, the money put in a savings account will still be there no matter what.
Play it right
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You’ve heard the saying, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket;” well, don’t put all your money in one place! The beauty of stocks is you can buy as many shares of as many companies as you want. The less you invest in one specific stock, the less you will lose if that stock all of a sudden drops in value. Just make sure you are watching and keeping track of your investments.
Next step
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If you’re serious about investing in stocks, plan it out. Decide if you will go through a broker or do the work online yourself. Map out which stocks you’d want to invest in and for how long. After you have a plan of which stocks you’ll buy, make a plan of how often you’ll check them or trade them. The most important thing you can do to be successful with your stocks is stay on top of them and have a plan.
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